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"Thomas Heatherwick is a master of designing useless but interesting things that nobody asked for." (Zitat)

British architect Thomas Heatherwick recently unveiled plans for a giant staircase, composed of 154 intertwining flights with 80 landings, for New York's Hudson Yards. Dubbed Vessel, Heatherwick's honeycomb design seems like one of MC Escher's mind-blowing drawings come to life. The architect's inspiration came from an abandoned staircase that caught his eye at a construction site as a student. "It caught my imagination and I loved that it was part furniture and part infrastructure. you could climb up stairs, jump on them, dance on them, get tired on them and then plonk yourself down on them. Years later, suddenly here was an opportunity to make a new kind of landmark for hudson yards. We wondered whether it could be built entirely from steps and landings?"

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Igudesman & Joo - West Side Simpsons
Aleksey Igudesman has a new TV series for Austrian TV - screened on Monday the 19th at 23:35, the second episode features his colleague Hyung-ki Joo and his friend, Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer. This is a clip of Igudesman & Joo combining The Simpsons with West Side Story - not realising Hans Zimmer didn't write either of them...
Directed by Tanja Lesowsky and Jennifer Rezny, animations by Veronika Götz.